Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Christmas Gift From Me. :)

Ahh, Christmas my favorite time of the year! The smell of a fresh Noble Fir, the sounds of Christmas carolers, the taste of warm sugar cookies, the warmth of laughter around the fireplace, an excel spreadsheet to calculate the holiday budget for additional cheer...oh, wait, that is just reserved for my husband. Yes, my friends you heard correct. My husband has reduced Christmas to an excel spreadsheet complete with columns for amount projected and actual amount spent (this has been my life for the past year or so...excel spreadsheets). Since I can't give all my friends a gift this Christmas season (because we all know that is not what Christmas is really about, but also it's not in the excel spreadsheet), I will give you the gift of "smart" shopping. I have done a little, emphasis on the little, bit of research on ways to save money and actually meet your New Years Resolution this 2011 year...save more money. :)

General Savings:

Target.com get 10% off online purchases through AAA.com

Get 15% off fragrances through fragrance.com (enter coupon discount: TLC)

Coupons for food chains: eatdrinkdeals.com

Get 25% of Hertz rentals through AAA.com

Get 5 cents off every bag when you use a reusable tote at Target

Apple stores offer a discount to students, teachers, and administrators $50-450 off.

JCrew offers 15% off for educational professionals and students.

Loft offers 15% off (must enroll online to receive discount)

AT&T offers 20% off entire bill for educators

JCPenney enter code: thkscapc for 20% off of $100

Kohl's enter: EXTRA20/CONTACTFR  for 20% off plus free shipping

Enter: ncnvtndec2x for 20% off The Container Store

Forever21 is offering 10% off sweaters with code: COZY

LLBean is offering 10% off an order with LLBFRIENDS10

Gift Cards at a discount: plasticjungle.com, giftcards.com

Restaurants that offer deals for buying bulk gift cards with a savings (i.e. buy $100 worth of Outback gift cards and get a $20 gift card free).

Groupon and Living Social:

If you haven't joined groupon (groupon.com) or living social, what are you waiting for? They offer great deals every day like $30 for $60 worth of food at a great steakhouse in your area, bath products at BathJunkie, spa services, shopping deals ($25 for $50 worth of merchandise at GAP). I love buying these deals, especially the restaurant deals, and using them for an unexpected night on the town.

Kids Eat Free:

**This is mainly for the Dallas area, however, there are many websites that have compiled a list of places that "kids eat free," for many cities around the country (mykidseatfree.com). Also, you may want to double check your local restaurants to see if they are participating in these great offers for families. :)

Golden Corral
Buffalo Wild Wings
Dickeys BBQ

Jason's Deli
Dickey's BBQ
Black Eyed Pea
Backyard Burgers
Marie Callendars

Jason's Deli
Firehouse Subs

Cafe Brazil
Margaritas Restaurant
Captain D's (2 kids meals free)

Mimi's Cafe

Marie Callendars
Mimi's Cafe
Texas Land and Cattle (lunch only)

Dickey's BBQ
Hooters (I know, what kind of parents takes their children to Hooters on Sunday?)
Jason's Deli
Firehouse Subs

I am the queen of TJMaxx layaway! I get razzed by my monetarily well-endowed friends for placing items on layaway. If it's over $40 I think it's too much, however, if it's in weekly increments of $40 payments, with a minimal down payment, then I think it's a great purchase! I probably put at least one item every other month on layaway because after my plasectomy (that's right...when you get rid of credit cards), I have the old fashion way of paying for things...cold hard cash. I highly recommend layaway if you are trying to avoid going into debt. Here are a few stores that still offer layaway:

Toys R Us
Burlington Coat Factory

Birthday Deals:

Aveda offers free products up-to  $25 for club members

Baskin Robbins get a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday (email subscription)

DSW reward members get a $5 gift certificate on their birthday month

IHOP eat for free on birthday (join pancake club)

Old Navy subscribe to emails and receive $10 off purchase of $50

Red Ribbon enroll in e-club and get a free birthday burger

Ruby Tuesday enroll in emails and get a free burger

Starbucks join "my Starbucks Reward Card" and get a free drink of choice

Petco register your pets birthday, or adoption date, for 10% off products duirng that month

My Resources:
Real Simple, October 2010 edition
Yours Truly, Charlene Stansberry

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  1. Okay, I still laugh about the layaway thing..but you are so right too...I'm just not good about delaying gratification though...you are keeping me inspired with your money saving ways!