Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Guess I'll Grow Up Now...

First of all, my apologies for being the worst blogger EVER, but I love all of you that have asked repeatedly (during my blogging hiatus) when my next blog would be, you make me want to be a better blogger (hahahaha). I've had lots of funny blogs to post, but it seems I have let my free time slip away from me in the most unproductive manner (i.e. bath time, naps, daydreaming, etc.). Now that I think about it, I might be the laziest person I know. My goal is to blog more, but no promises. :)

So to ease back into all things blogging, I will start off with an easy post...we are set to be first time homeowners in just a few short weeks!! Highly excited, highly excuse me while I go dry heave at the thought of all this "new homeowner" responsibility!!

So naturally, I have been thinking (too much) about how much my life is going to change now that I am "growing up."  Here are the top three adjustments I am worried about making:

1. Ummm, what's yard work? What do you mean that's not included in the price of the home?

2. Where is the 24-hour maintenance number I can call in case of my slightest inconvenience? For example, I recently reported to our complex manager, "my ice-maker is making funny tasting ice." Guess I am gonna have to scale back the high maintenance attitude if it's gonna impact my shopping budget. Tear drop. Tear drop. 

3. New homeowner (on cloud nine) walks into local furniture store looking for furniture to furnish her new home and leaves completely distraught after seeing sticker prices. Sorry folks, you may have to sit on our folding lawn chairs when you stop by for a visit, but I hope we can still be friends. :)

I will leave you with a few pics of our home, hope you can come visit soon (closing date August 30th)! :)

Family Room/Den

Future Nursery/2nd Bedroom

Backyard (the selling future for us)

Living Room

Front Door/Foyer Area

Little Front Porch Area
Master Bedroom
3rd Bedroom

God Bless this kitchen, those bad boys will be painted ASAP while I practice deferred gratification in updating my kitchen to 2011.


  1. Love the house! It's really cute

  2. Thanks Meggers!! We are super excited!! Can't wait to have y'all over!! Maybe a cabinet painting party?!?!? hahahahaha...